Manual Coffee Mill (Grinder)

Size: 8in. (21cm) - 1/2 Cup Capacity
Since 1840, Peugeot has set the standard for manual coffee mill technology. Peugeot invites you to explore the sensations of an old-style freshly-ground coffee. A magnificent wooden coffee mill with a handle and a drawer.
Discover all the extraordinary pleasures of a coffee that you have freshly ground! The coffee will produce fragrance and aroma that you haven’t experienced before and that you won’t want to be without. With its closed hopper, the Peugeot is a genuine allusion to traditional coffee mills. With an old-style appearance, it has a formidable steel mechanism, with a lifetime guarantee, to grind coffee with precision and maintain the integrity of the quality of the beans.
The coffee mill is a magnificent instrument in lacquered beechwood. This square-shaped wooden coffee mill is equipped with a small drawer to collect the freshly-ground coffee. The grind coarseness can be adjusted using the wheel located under the handle. You can thus choose the grind according to your wishes: extremely fine for an espresso, medium for a French-style coffee.

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