Peugoet - Madras Manual Nutmeg Mill

Manual nutmeg mill in wood chocolate-coloured with magnetic cover 15 cm - 6in.
Instantly identifiable by its combination of wood, stainless steel and acrylic, this highly practical nutmeg mill allows for fine grating with no risk to your fingers.
The great chefs and cooking enthusiasts know the truth: nothing is better than a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg to subtly enhance a sweet or savoury dish. The Peugeot Madras nutmeg mill is the perfect utensil to bring out the flavours of nutmeg with a simple twist of the hand. This ingenious tool is equipped with a powerful claw and a double blade and grater rotating at the same time, able to deal with even the hardest nutmeg. With this practical tool always within reach, your fingers will thank you. With a twist of the hand, the nutmeg is finely ground and its delicate fragrant aroma released. It has an easily accessible reservoir that can hold 3 nutmegs. The design combines the modernity of stainless steel and acrylic with the warmth of turned wood. Set it next to the Madras salt and pepper mills to form an irreplaceable trio.

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