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Glassworks Coffee - Black Magic Blend (5lbs)


Conjure up the perfect cup of coffee for your morning ritual, and let it lift your spirits midday. This blend will invoke strong caramel, nut and chocolate. Don't be afraid if you also sense the presence of tart, fruity sweetness in the room.

Black Magic Blend is a nicely balanced medium roast, comprised primarily of Central and South American coffees. Bright, with ample sweetness, noticeable caramel, nuttiness and a hint of citrus. Agreeable, not aggressive; blends well with milk.

Roaster: Glassworks Coffee
Coffee: Black Magic Blend
Roast Level: Medium
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Chocolate * Caramel * Almond
Origin C/S America Varietal Multi
Region Multiple Process Multi
Farm Various Small Altitude Varied

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