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Glassworks Coffee - ESP Espresso


Got a strange intuition that something is missing in your coffee routine? Channel the energy of this espresso. With a well-rounded, bright flavor, it's truly a delight for all six senses.

ESP Espresso is a bright and smooth espresso blend with a pleasantly creamy mouthfeel. Dark chocolate and caramel have a strong presence, with notes of sweet and acidic citrus. Well-balanced and rich as a shot; round and sweet in milk drinks. Works very well as a pour-over or drip coffee as well. 

Roaster: Glassworks Coffee
Coffee: ESP Espresso
Roast Level: Dark
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Chocolate * Caramel * Almond
Origin Multiple Varietal Multi
Region Multiple Process Multi
Farm Various Small Altitude Varied

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