Glassworks Coffee

Glassworks Coffee - Midnight Sun Cold Brew™ (1lb)


The heat is off! Get it while it’s cold and enjoy this brew’s smooth taste, low acidity and dark, yet bright, yet cold flavor. Or heat it up if you want. It’s not rocket surgery.

Midnight Sun is pleasantly juicy, bright and sweet. Easy to drink and low in acidity, with notes of cocoa, cane sugar and citrus plus a velvety mouthfeel to round out the nicely balanced profile.

Roaster: Glassworks Coffee
Coffee: Midnight Sun Cold Brew
Roast Level: Medium
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Chocolate * Caramel * Almond
Origin C/S America Varietal Multi
Region Multiple Process Multi
Farm Various Small Altitude Varied

Glassworks Coffee Profile

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