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Glassworks Coffee - Rare Earth Single Origin Coffee™ (5lbs)


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Roaster: Glassworks Coffee
Coffee: Rare Earth Single Origin
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Caramel * Blackberry * Chicolate
Origin Costa Rica Varietal Various
Region San Diego Process Honey
Farm Various Small Altitude Multi

Our current Rare Earth single origin offering is the San Diego Honey from Costa Rica.  This excellent coffee is milled at Beneficio San Diego, the most modern mill in Costa Rica. Honey process originated in Costa Rica, and is a method of processing coffee cherries in which some or all of the mucilage that coats the green coffee remains during the drying stage, resulting in a sweetness that resembles a natural process coffee.

This coffee has a heavy body and medium acidity.

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