Halfwit - Costa Rica Cordillera del Fuego (Honey)


For the second consecutive year, Halfwit is proud to offer coffee from Costa Rica’s Luis Eduardo Campos Estate, this time a honey-processed Caturra. In a honey process, the skin and coffee cherry are removed, but some golden-colored mucilage (after which the process is named) is left on the de-pulped coffee bean and left to dry in the sun, adding imbuing the beans with some added fermentation. This hybrid technique allows for both the cleanliness of a washed coffee, as well as the assertive, fruity flavors of a natural-processed coffee.

The honey-processed Cordillera del Fuego offers the best of both worlds in terms of dynamic acidity and fruit flavors, as well as the classic balance commonly attributed to Costa Rican coffees. Anchored by a sweet, full-bodied milk chocolate-y based, bursts of raspberry preserves and star anise ring out with stunning clarity.

Roaster: Halfwit Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Costa Rica Cordillera del Fuego
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Raspberry Preserves * Milk Chocolate * Star Anise
Origin Costa Rica Varietal Caturra
Region Tarrazú Process Honey
Farm Luis Edwardo Campos Altitude 1750m


A standard, uniform 1:16 ratio works fantastically for Costa Rica across all brew methods. However, some light coarsening of the grind may be necessary if the cup is too dense or tasting muddled. Similarly, a slightly tighter grind will remedy a cup that is cloyingly fruity or lacking in body.

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