Halfwit - Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate

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Located in the Wahgi Valley of the Western Highlands, the Sigri Estate was founded in the 1950s and has become the standard for coffee excellence in the region. The complex houses a wet mill on site, where the coffee undergoes a rigorous washing and fermentation process: three days of fermentation punctuated by washes, followed by a 24 hour post soak in clean water. Afterwards the coffee is dried on raised beds and finished by several stages of hand-sorting to remove defects. 

Roaster: Halfwit Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Cherry * Vanilla * Mulberry
Origin Papua New Guinea
Varietal Typica
Region Wahgi Valley Process Washed
Farm Sigri Estate Altitude 1,500 - 1,650 MASL

In addition to their pioneering processing techniques, the Sigri Estate continually strives to be both eco and avian-friendly; water conservation is a huge priority on the estate and their groves of shade trees provide habitats for over 90 species of birds. As the coffees of Papua New Guinea are classically underrepresented in the specialty marketplace, Halfwit is proud to roll out with another fantastic PNG from Benchmark Coffee - one of our longest-standing importer partnerships. This immaculately clean Typica varietal dazzles with its sweet and tart stone fruit flavors. Notes of mulberry, vanilla, and cherry abound.


Like a fine wine, Sigri Estate Papua New Guinea just gets better with age. Allow 4 days after roast before brewing, and be amazed as new tiers of flavor open up exponentially with each passing day!

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