Halfwit - Triforce Espresso (5lbs)


With our new Triforce, we wanted to keep up with our promise of seasonality and approachability, and we’ve added a beautiful Colombian to create an espresso blend that not only kept up with coffee seasonality, but also lended itself towards our actual seasonality. The Colombian component adds big creamy body and milk chocolate sweetness to this espresso, while the washed Yirgacheffe adds a vibrant citrus quality that peeks out from underneath those sweeter chocolate notes. We’ve swapped our summer lightness for a fuller bodied sweetness; think chocolatey and candied citrus qualities (chocolate covered orange, anyone?) instead of the light and sweet sorbet and butterscotch notes of our summer Triforce.

Roaster: Halfwit Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Triforce Espresso
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Milk Chocolate * Candied Orange * Vanilla
Origin Colombia & Ethiopia Varietal Red & Yellow Bourbon, Heirloom
Region Cauca & Yirgacheffe Process Washed
Farm Various Small Altitude Multiple


This latest version of Triforce can be a touch thinner in body than previous versions, so if body is what you’re after, we recommend a slight updose to keep that mouthfeel nice and fluffy. A solid 1:2 ratio will produce excellent results, though we had good shots all the way from 1:1.5 to 1:2 and beyond. Both of these coffees were grown at very high altitudes and are very dense, so they take a while to de-gas. Our best shots were 7-10 days off roast.

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