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Maple Leaf Coffee - Indonesian Bali Blue Moon


The beans that started it all. This special roast was what Alex used to introduce Lynn into the world of specialty coffee. See why is changed her entire vision of what coffee is, and can be. 

These beans are grown in the same groves as orange and other citrus plans which imparts a certain amount of citrus flavor into the roast. This is a smooth dark roast with hints of orange and citrus flavors which does not taste burned or harsh. It makes for a great introduction to coffee for occasional or new coffee drinkers.

Roaster: Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Indonesian Bali Blue Moon
Roast Level: Dark
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Smooth * Orange * Slightly Smoky 
Origin Indonesia Varietal Various
Region Bali Process -
Farm Various Small Altitude


This roast works best in a standard coffee maker (drip) or in a French press.

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