Brewista - Cold Pro Smart Brew PLA Filter (50 Pack)

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Brewista Essentials paper filters have always been 100% compostable and made from responsibly harvested sources. Our new Smart Brew™ PLA filters take it a step farther and contain absolutely no wood-producing plant content! The lightweight, fine-filament material is made from polylactic acid (PLA), a biopolymer derived completely from the sugars extracted from annually grown plants such as corn.

This product is proudly made in the USA.
Brewista® Smart Brew™ PLA Filters are made to fit our Cold Pro™ 2 and Cold Pro™ 4 Brewing Systems.  Filters come folded in a pack of 50.


Brewista® Cold Pro™ PLA Filters are NSF Certified.

  • 100% annually renewable materials
  • No wood-producing plant content
  • Spun-bond web biopolymer PLA
  • Designed to fit most popular cold brew coffee systems including:
    • Brewista® Cold Pro™, Cold Pro 2™, and Cold Pro 4™
    • Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model*
    • Filtron Pro®** 
  • Neutral odor and taste
  • Manufactured in a certified clean room using Best Food Safety Practices
  • Outstanding, consistent flow through
  • Silky textile-like feel

US design patent: D832,039
EU Registered Design numbers: 004086379-0001, 004086379-0002, and 004086379-0003
Chinese Registered Design Patents: 201730141259.2, 201730428639.4
Additional U.S. and International patents pending

*Toddy® is a registered trademark of Toddy, LLC Limited Liability Corporation Colorado. These products are not endorsed by Toddy®.
**Filtron® is a registered trademark of Same Day Distributing, Inc. Corporation California.  These products are not endorsed by Same Day Distributing, Inc.

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