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Five & Hoek - Colombia Agustino Forest


The members of COOAGUSTINOS, in collaboration with an exporting company called Inconexus, coordinate efforts to support Huila Agustino Forest coffee producers. Currently, there are ongoing projects including infrastructural improvements to each producer’s farm and training sessions. These training sessions are aimed at improving the quality of the coffee and practices associated with the protection of the environment in the region where coffee is produced.

In the cup expect a shining example of why we love colombian coffee from Huila. Meyer lemon & black cherry shine through, as vanilla and brown sugar balance out the cup. We are enjoying this on espresso & filter. 

Roaster: Five & Hoek
Coffee: Huila Agustino Forest
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Cherry * Lemon * Creamy * Chocolate
 Origin Colombia Varietal Caturra, Colombia
Region Huila Process Washed
Farm San Agustin Altitude 1,400M - 1,900M


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