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La Esperancita is a small farm located in the community of El Mangal, San Pedro Necta in Huehuetenango and has about 350 coffee trees. The owner, Alfonzo Sanchez Domingo, works with agricultural technicians and is constantly researching and testing new way to improve the quality of his coffees. He  picks the coffee and depulps on the same day, then ferments for 24 hours, washes the coffee three times, and allows it to dry on the patio for 3-5 days.  We think this is a truly beautiful coffee with notes that are very floral and include apricot, fig, rose, and rosemary.

Roaster: Gaslight Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Finca La Esperancita
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Apricot * Toffee * Fig * Rose
Origin Guatemala Varietal Bourbon, Caturra
Region Huehuetenango Process Washed
Farm La Esperancita Altitude


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