Groundswell Coffee - Bunum Wo Peaberry


Bunum Wo Estate is one of only three single coffee estates in Papua New Guinea. Shade grown under Balsa trees in rich volcanic soil the harvested cherry is processed at onsite wet and dry mills. KULA process involves 3-day fermentation, raised bed drying, 21-day conditioning, and double color & hand sorting. Worker provisions include free housing, schooling, and healthcare clinics. This coffee is also HAACP & Rainforest Alliance certified

Roaster: Groundswell
Coffee: Bunum Wo Peaberry
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Fennel * Honeydew * Fudge
Origin Papua New Guinea Varietal Typica, Arusha, Typica Derivatives
Region Wahgi Valley Process Kula Washed

Bunum Wo Estate

Altitude 1,550 MASL


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