Halfwit - Decaf Colombia (5lbs)


The Asociación de Agricultores y Productores de Café Especial de Montalvo (AGPROCEM) is a group of 35 producers who farm in and around the city of Montalvo in the municipality of Planadas, in the state of Tolima. This young organization was only founded in 2013, with goals of assisting its members in improving coffee quality as well as obtaining better prices for their specialty coffees. This decaffeinated coffee was processed using ethyl acetate, a scary sounding name for what is actually a naturally occurring byproduct of fermentation, in this case of sugarcane. The ethyl acetate bonds with the caffeine and is stripped out of the bean during a complex series of pressurized washes. The coffee is then dried, refrigerated, and polished before being shipped to customers. We think this is one of the best decafs we’ve ever tried, with much more flavor complexity than we ever see from other decaf offerings. We taste chocolate cake, mixed berries, and marshmallow.

Roaster: Halfwit Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Decaf Colombia
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Chocolate Cake * Mixed Berries * Marshmallow
Origin Colombia Varietal Caturra, Castillo, Typica
Region Montalvo, Planadas, Tomila Process Washed, Sugarcane E.A. Decaf
Farm AGPROCEM Altitude Multiple


Decaf coffees lack the structural integrity of regular coffees, due to the processing methods responsible for stripping out the caffeine. Therefore they tend to break down in the grinder differently, creating smaller particulate matter that can make draw down times too long and just generally cause over extraction. We recommend a coarser grind and a slight updose to bring out the best this coffee has to offer.

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