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Finca Rosario de Fátima has been owned and operated by the Sterkel family since their descendants immigrated from Germany in the 18th century. Nestled in the mountainous, misty Cobán region, the unique microclimate, high humidity, and thick cloud cover provide the Sterkels' crops with ample moisture and allow for their coffee plants to grow with minimal shade trees. While plant diseases such as leaf rust have affected many of the farms in the region, the Sterkels have proven themselves to be truly resilient and forward-agronomers - refining their cultivation techniques, amply spacing their crops to prevent contamination from any affected plants, and perenially delivering some of the finest coffees in the country. A washed hybrid of Caturra, Catuaí, and Bourbon cultivars, Fátima ripples with a juicy mandarin acidity and notes of brown sugar and nectarines.

Roaster: Halfwit Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Guatemala Finca Rosario de Fátima
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Mandarin * Nectarine * Brown Sugar
Origin Guatemala Varietal Caturra/Catuai/Bourbon
Region Cobán Process Washed
Farm Finca Rosario de Fátima Altitude 1,200 - 1,450m


This is a citrus-forward Guatemala, so tempering the acidity to maintain its natural brightness without overpowering the cup is crucial. A generous dose on a medium to medium-coarse grind across all filter methods should help strike a nice balance and help your brews reach their full potential.

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