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Spanning 320 acres in the dizzying 1600m heights of the Lake Atitlán region, the Santo Tomás Pachuj estate has been family-owned and operated across five generations for over 150 years. Conditions are happy and congenial on the estate for both the trees and farmers, as current owner Andres Fahsen is extolled for maintaining a friendly, family atmosphere on the grounds and offering wages and benefits far better than average for his 120 workers.

In addition to his progressive approach to operations, Fahsen has also demonstrated forward-thinking views on agronomy, partnering with nearby processing facility Benefício La Esperanza on various processing experiments. Along with a contingent of other hard-working and dynamic cultivators in the area, Finca Pachuj has shown a clear commitment to raising their profile and the profile of the neighboring smallholders on the international stage. A delectable, gleefully complex experience, Finca Pachuj does proud homage to the labor of love undertaken by this small community - brimming over with copious notes of strawberry, plum, and cacao nib.

Roaster: Halfwit Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Guatemala Pachuj
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Cacao Nib * Strawberry * Plum
Origin Guatemala Varietal Caturra/Catuai/Bourbon
Region Atitlán Process Washed
Farm Finca Tomás Pachuj Altitude 1750m


As with most Guatemalas, balance is key and potentially tricky to find on the first dial. An overextracted cup will taste almost uniformly chocolatey and peanut-forward and points to too fine a grind. An underextracted cup will be delicate, tea-like, and acid-forward. Finding the happy medium should be easy enough with medium grind settings and conservative coffee doses.

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