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Maple Leaf Coffee - Peruvian Norte EP


Roasted this similarly to how they roasted their Costa Rican coffees. This coffee has a variety of subtle flavors found in some coffees we have previously had in store.

The first taste you will notice is a gentle floral note, similar to some of the Ethiopian coffee Maple Leafe has had. It also brings subtle spice notes, similar to the Indian Mysore coffee, along with some very distant caramel and nutty notes if you go looking for them,

Roaster: Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Peruvian Norte EP
Roast Level: Med
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Subtle Spices * Carmel * Nutty
Origin Peru Varietal Various
Region Majorca Process Washed
Farm Various Small Altitude


Maple Leaf recommends this coffee to be used with a drip coffee maker or, to get the fullest range of flavors, use a French press or pour over.

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