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Metric - Colombia Maria Elsy Chavez


"I'm a practicing pie-for-breakfast-er. And typically, I go for a cherry slice at my local grocer/piano bar, Mariano's. But when I first tried Maria Elcy's coffee, I was instantly transported to my own warm-utopia, mind palace where I was surrounded by pie, citrus, and smooth jazz music... Now, I just need to find a keytar, and I'm set."
-Casey Metric Coffee Co.'s Educator and Relationships 

Roaster: Metric Coffee
Coffee: Colombia Maria Elsy Chavez
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Sour Cherry * Clementine * Buttercream
Origin Colombia
Varietal Caturra
Region Nariño Process Washed
Farm Fincas El Placer Y El Arrayán Altitude 2,100 MASL


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