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Metric - Honduras El Brujo (2020 Special Release)


Named after Honduran folklore, El Brujo references a magical tree that offers virtuous sick-people relief and evil sick-people a curse of misfortune. We've rolled destiny's dice returning to these trees. Luckily we passed judgment as this year's El Brujo proves, again, to be divinely delicious.

"Our bond and friendship [with Benjamin] is a deeper bond and trust, so sharing a coffee that is directly tied to someone I consider a close friend makes me all the more excited to share it with the world. In the cup, we get flavors such as kiwi, plum, and cardamom for a really clean cup with vibrant acidity– a real electric experience."
-Xavier, Metric Coffee Co.'s Co-Owner & Green Buyer
Roaster: Metric Coffee
Coffee: Honduras El Brujo (2020 Special Release)
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Kiwi * Plum * Cardamom
Origin Honduras Varietal Paraniema
Region La Leona, Santa Barbara Process Washed
Farm El Brujo Altitude 1,550 MASL


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