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Metric - Peru David Flores Lot 2

"Because of his work and steadfast approach at El Morito, David placed 20th place in last years Cup of Excellence competition with his Yellow Caturra.  Due to less skin contact, this second lot has a lot more clarity and brightness compared to David's first lot; it's a showcase in how important processing is: same soil and great cherries for a whole new profile."
-Xavier, Metric Coffee Co.'s Co-Founder & Green Buyer
Roaster: Metric Coffee
Coffee: Peru David Flores Lot #2
Roast Level: Light
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Plum * Orange Blossom * Vanilla
Origin Peru Varietal Yellow Catura
Region San Ignacio Process Washed
Farm El Morito Altitude 1,750 MASL


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