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Metric - Tangled Lights (Winter Blend)


Us humans of Metric believe that the holidays are to enjoy! We’re no strangers to their Griswold-esque chaos though. Whether it’s wrestling with the snake of tangled lights or figuring where to park your cousin Eddie’s RV, seasonal stress-levels tend to glow bright red this time of year.

That’s why we’re bringing you Tangled Lights! It's a coffee specially developed to help remind us why this time of year can be so fun amid the blizzard of holiday preparations. Blending Ethiopia, Kenya, Honduras coffees, Tangled Lights gifts you the necessary energy with nostalgic flavors perfectly wrapped straight to your mug. 

Roaster: Metric Coffee
Coffee: Tangled Lights (Winter Blend)
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Cranberry Marmalade * Holiday Shortbread * Nutmeg
Origin Ethio / Keny / Hond Varietal Blend
Region Blend Process Blend
Farm Blend Altitude Blend


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