Modest - The Dark


This coffee is sourced from the Endiro Growers Bukalasi Women’s Group, a woman-led cooperative of coffee growers with 200 member families. Their coffee is fully organic and sustainably grown on the slopes of the Mount Elgon range in eastern Uganda. Since 2015, this coffee project has resulted in a six-fold increase in average household income, the construction of the village’s first primary school and a small medical clinic. Going forward, the farmers are planning strategies to combat malaria in their village, to grow educational opportunities for their children, and to improve their infrastructure for further economic advancement and poverty alleviation.

Roaster: Modest
Coffee: The Dark
Roast: Dark
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Dark Chocolate * Earthy * Rich
Origin Uganda Varietal Arabica SL14
Region Bududa
Process Washed
Farm Bukalasi Women's Group Altitude 1,830 MASL

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