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Every time we bring in a fresh Ethiopian coffee, we get the same sense of nervous excitement. We find ourselves thinking, “Can this coffee really be as good as the last one?” It doesn’t fail, coffees from this region just speak to us. Clean, vibrant, sweet, delicate… simply everything we want to experience in our morning cup. It is with this sentiment that we would like to introduce you to our new release: Be Loved.

“Be Loved” is the name we will call these washed Ethiopian coffees at Passion House. Love is what we feel each time we drink them, as the morning brings us from darkness to daylight.

Roaster: Passion House Coffee Roasters
Coffee: B Loved
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Candied Ginger * Lime * Floral
 Origin Ethiopia Varietal Heirloom
Region Sidamo Process Washed
Farm Guji
Altitude 1,850 MASL

Grown at 1850 MASL, this high altitude selection is bursting with clean, sweet floral aromatics and juicy acidity. This cup is exciting and dynamic, with aromas of lavender and honeysuckle, honey sweetness, and peach acidity.


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The coffee industry is a young one, and there is constant innovation and progress  happening, especially at origin. At Passion House we value innovation so we have chosen to source special experimental coffees that are sourced from farmers that are using experimental processing and growing methods. These experimental coffees translate to new and exciting coffee drinking experiences for you.


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