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Passion House - Costa Rica Finca Sircof


This coffee comes to us as part of our relationship with a small group of Costa Rican coffee farmers called Farmers Project. Marco Ovideo & Maricela Oviedo are the producers of this coffee. In order to make sure their farm produces the best coffee possible, they mill and dry all their coffee themselves. Their hard work has paid off, producing an excellent cup with notes of grape candy, hibiscus, and lemon preserves.

This high-altitude coffee is graced by the gentle weather of the Central Valley coffee zone. Local farmers care for their land and a diversity of crops surrounding Sircof. Many of these farms border protected forest areas, providing a positive co-existence between sustainable farming and a prospering environment. Sircof specialty coffee starts with a careful collection of the ripe Arabica beans, immediately processed in the artisan wet mill right on their farm.

Roaster: Passion House Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Finca Sircof
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Grape Candy * Hibiscus * Lemon Preserves
Origin Costa Rica Varietal -
Region Grecia Process -
Farm Finca Sircof Altitude 1350M

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