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Hypnotize comes to us through a close relationship with our friend, Vikram. A lawyer by trade, Vikram became enamored with specialty coffee and wanted to be more involved.  Noticing a lack of traceable, relationship focused coffees from Papua New Guinea, Vikram worked with his family to purchase a notable farm called Sigri Estate and import their coffees to the US.    

Eager to share his family’s coffees, Vikram began bringing us samples of their beans to try out.  Although the coffees showed potential, quality still fell short of Passion House’s standards. We gave Vikram detailed feedback on the beans and advice about changes he could make at farm level that would improve their harvests.  Taking our advice, Vikram implemented a special processing method

He began to bring in samples of coffees to the US and talk to us about quality. For years, we gave him feedback, but nothing was meeting the quality standards we look for in our selections. One day however, he brought us a special selection. Using the feedback he received through the years, he developed an extra special picking style that he named “Kula”.


Roaster: Passion House Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Hypnotize
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Dried Apricot * Syrupy Body * Red Berries
Origin Papua New Guinea Varietal Kula Peaberry
Region Sigri Estate Process Washed, Quad Sorted
Farm Sigri Estate Altitude 1,850 MASL

All coffees bearing the “Kula” name are dried on raised beds and go through two rounds of color-sorts and two rounds of hand-sorts. This extra processing creates one of the cleanest PNG coffees being produced today.

Kula is the name of a ceremonial gift exchange in Papua New Guinea. Core elements center around honor and integrity. This ceremony highlights different underlying values in the gift versus the commodity economy. In this way, specialty coffee has distinguished itself from commodity coffee. We value our people, process, and coffees differently in the new world of specialty coffee. It is our gift to you.

And what a gift it is! It demonstrates some of the great flavor attributes that Papua New Guinea is known for like a syrupy body, and notes of dried fruit. In addition to that, it has a remarkably vibrant, juicy acidity. Very full but balanced, we frequently find ourselves on our third or fourth cup.

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