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This coffee comes to us from a family owned farm called Alto Cielo, located in El Cogollo, a community within the municipality of Gigante in the department of Huila, Colombia. The 25 acre farm is owned and operated by Angelo Eudardo Sosa. For 20 years He has worked the farm. A self proclaimed student of coffee, He is always trying to learn how to be better.

This coffee is a unique cultivar of the coffee plant called Tabi, which we are proud to serve you for the first time. Angelo harvests his coffee cherry at Alto Cielo and then takes the cherry to the lower and drier elevations of Garzón where he has more control over the delicate natural process.

Roaster: Passion House Coffee Roasters
Coffee: Lucy in the Sky
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Raspberry * Bubble Yum * Smuckers Strawberry Jam
Origin Colombia Varietal Tabi
Region Huila Process Natural
Farm Alto Cielo Altitude -

This process of drying the coffee with all the fruit still intact produces an extremely fruited cup. Easy to mess up, the natural process yields a defective cup more often than not. However, Eduardo’s care in the process has yielded a remarkably clean and vibrant cup. The aroma will be the first thing you notice; that of fresh, ripe red berries. Flavors of raspberry, bubble-yum, and Smuckers strawberry jam will keep you entertained through this sweet, fruit bomb of a coffee experience.

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