Peugoet - Goa Manual Nutmeg Mill

Manual nutmeg mill in acrylic with magnetic cover 15 cm - 6in.
Instantly identifiable by its completely transparent look, this nutmeg mill allows for fine grating with no risk to your fingers
Freshly ground over a steaming hot vegetable soup or added into the preparation of a savoury or sweet soufflé, nutmeg has a unique flavour. It takes a good tool to avoid grating your fingers! Equipped with a powerful claw and a double blade and grater rotating at the same time, the Peugeot Goa nutmeg mill grates nutmeg efficiently to bring out all its aromatic subtleties. In a single twist of the hand your dishes are delicately fragranced and your fingers stay safe! The reservoir can hold 3 nutmegs. It is transparent, so you will never suddenly find you've run out of nutmeg. The completely transparent ultra-contemporary design provides a tasteful complement to your accessories in the kitchen.

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