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Juan Carlos & his wife Aracely live in a small village of farmers who produce both coffee & vegetables at the highest altitudes of Jinotega. His father passed away after meeting Juan Carlos' baby daughter (Carla) & giving Juan Carlos more land on which to grow coffee. They are keeping up his father's tradition by producing excellent microlots... 

Roaster: Reprise Roasters
Coffee: Don Rogers "Tropical Fruit Symphony"
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Peach Skin * Nectarine * Mango
Origin Nicaragua Varietal Multi
Region Matagalpa Process Natural
Farm Juan Carlos Altitude -

When you visit their farm, you can hear & may be lucky enough to spot a howler monkey, & you can see tropical birds in the shade trees that shelter their coffee from too much sun. Juan Carlos' coffee meets the tests of highly-critical cuppers from across the world, & we can see by his dedication & attention to detail that he & Aracely will produce excellent specialty coffee for years to come.


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