Tugboat - Christmas Tree Ship Holiday Blend


***Only Available November - January***

Tugboat's Signature Holiday Blend. Named for the Rouse Simmons, the "Christmas Tree Ship" delivered Christmas trees to Chicago via Lake Michigan. The US Coast Guard has taken the role of the Christmas Tree Ship today, bringing fresh cut trees for underprivileged families in Chicago to Navy Pier. 

Flavors: Reminiscent of a Warm Fire During the Holidays; Smooth & Smoky Hazelnuts with a Hint of Strawberries & a Sweet Oak Finish

Tugboat Supports "Hamdard Center of Addison" with this seasonal special by donating $1 / 1 LB bought. 


Roaster: Tugboat Coffee
Coffee: Christmas Tree Ship - Holiday Blend
Roast Level: Black & Tan
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Havelnut * Strawberries * Sweet Oak
Origin Indonesia & E. Africa Varietal Blend
Region Blend Process Wet Hulled / Natural
Farm Blend Altitude Blend


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