Ratio Brew Guide - Iced Coffee

Iced coffee on the Ratio Eight

At Ratio, we love a good cup of cold brew, which typically involves brewing coffee with cold water over several hours and special equipment. Fortunately, there is an easy and fast way to make iced coffee using the Ratio Eight. Read below for the steps!



This iced coffee recipe is inspired by a renowned method that has long captured palates in Japan. Essentially pour over brewed directly onto a bed of ice, this method allows aroma and flavor to be captured with the hot water, then locked in through immediate cold exposure. While cold brew typically takes over eight hours to complete, this method is fast. The iced coffee should be enjoyed immediately or kept in the fridge for up to one day for full flavor potential.



What you will need:

  • Ratio Eight
  • Fresh coffee (Ideally 7-10 days off roast date). For this recipe, we used Good Coffee's latest offering, Ethiopian Nano Challa
  • Grinder (we recommend Baratza)
  • Chemex Filter or Ratio Kone Filter
  • Scale
  • Water & Ice
  • Fill your Ratio Eight with fresh, cold water to the half batch line (about 22 oz.).


    • Grind and measure 64g coffee to your dialed-in specification for a given roast, somewhere around the texture of coarse ground raw sugar.


    • Weigh out and pour 11 oz. ice (most ice trays measure each cube to 1 oz.) into your carafe.


    • Start your brew process as normal, and watch as the coffee brews onto the bed of ice within your carafe.



    When coffee is finished, on “Ready” stage, pour straight or on the rocks and enjoy! We recommend an additional cube or two for optimum chilled temperature.