About Us


Exploring the best coffee Chicagoland has to offer is not only a business, but our passion. After spending many years diving into the world of craft beers, cocktails, etc...it was only after making a decision to live a more clean & healthy life that our founder realized the immense level of complexity (and community) to be found in the world of coffee. With this new revelation, and a job in corporate America allowing him to travel the country, he sought to experience the best coffee available, in cities both large and small. Turns out, one of the most concentrated pockets of high quality craft coffee roasters was right here in Chicago, the place he, his wife, two kiddos & two pups called home, From then on, and with design support from an incredibly talented old friend from high school, it became his mission to help in...

Our Mission:

* Curating * Cultivating * Collaborating  * Caring

We believe the term "curate" has been vastly over utilized to describe what are no more than glorified digital storefronts. To us, "curating" means not only making craft coffee more accessible, but being able to compare and contrast coffees, from a variety of backgrounds, in one place. Museum curators don't just throw everything together, they set the stage to learn and explore a collection intentionally. Whether carefully combining coffees based on origin, process, roast level, recommended brew method, or even just from one roaster to another, we aim to create a unique experience to help our collective customer base more easily refine their coffee cravings.

We are not only looking to supply the world with the best craft coffee Chicago has to offer, but one of our primary goals is to help cultivate, develop, and grow the knowledge base of coffee drinkers in Chicagoland. We aim to enhance the level of coffee community engagement, and education, by both sharing coffee knowledge from  an assortment of  coffee craftspeople, as well as promoting events throughout Chicagoland's incredible coffee industry.
We're nothing without the support of the amazing Chicagoland coffee roaster community. Not only do they provide incredible whole bean coffee and, in many cases, expertly crafted coffee concoctions to enjoy on site, but the wealth of wisdom they provide is priceless. What we feel separates us from other coffee portals is our desire to promote both the coffee, as well as the overall business of our roaster partners. THANK YOU ALL!
Chicago Bean Scene was developed to both "Share Chicago One Cup at a Time" as well as to provide an avenue for us to become better overall citizens in our community. From donating coffee to qualified causes, such as mental health recovery centers, to supporting fundraising efforts of schools and non-profits, we're proud to regularly support causes close to our hearts, as well as those of our local coffee community members.