Handground - How To Use Handground Manual Grinder

What's Covered In The Video?

• Everything that comes in the Handground box
    - Brew magnet
    - Instruction manual
    - Calibration washers
• Setting the grind size
• Opening the top and loading the hopper with beans
• Locking the top back on
• Grinding position and removing the glass catcher

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Set The Grind Size

Switch between grind settings by twisting the numbered ring. 1 is the finest setting, 8 is the coarsest and there is a half step in between each number for a total of 15 settings. The white arrow just above the adjustment ring points to the current grind setting.

It is easiest to change the grind setting when there are no beans in the grinder. If you try to make the grind size finer when there is coffee partially ground it will be much harder to change the setting.

Note: The burrs sit very close on settings 1 & 2 and it may be possible to wear them down prematurely if the grinder is turned without coffee in it. We recommend to not spin the handle without coffee in the grinder on the fine settings.

Step 2: Turn Clockwise To Unlock The Top

Grip the entire top of Handground with your right hand and hold the hopper steady with your left hand. Turn the top clockwise, towards your pinky finger to unlock it from the hopper and then lift straight up to take it off. 

At first this motion may seem counterintuitive because it uses the opposite direction that most containers use to open. It must be designed this way because the rotational force that the miter gears produce when grinding causes the top to unlock itself if it opens in the normal direction. 

After using handground every morning for a couple weeks we found the new motion becomes subconscious. The grinders also come with a removeable "open" sticker on top that helps build the new habit. A tip to help remember -- Right release, left lock.

Step 3: Load The Hopper With Beans

One the top is off it's easy to pour beans into the extra wide opening of the hopper. If you don't have a scale handy, measurement marks on the side of the hopper are ~10 grams each depending on the density of your coffee beans. In total the hopper can hold up to 100 grams.

Note: The marks on the hopper also correspond to the lines on the Handground brew magnet.

Step 4: Turn Counterclockwise To Lock The Top Back On

Align the top so it fits down onto the hopper then give it a snug counterclockwise twist to lock it in place for grinding. The locking tabs are angled so that the strength of the lock becomes tighter if you twist harder.

At this point you may want to check that the glass catcher on the bottom of the grinder is securely screwed on and that the protective film on the grip pad has been removed.

Step 5: Turn The Handle To Grind

The easiest way to grind is to place the grinder on a smooth surface and press down on the top with the palm of your left hand. Use your right hand to turn the handle in a clockwise motion to begin grinding. Keep turning the handle until you feel it to start to spin freely, signaling all your beans are ground.

The force required to grind can vary greatly depending on the type of bean and the grind size. In general lightly roasted, small beans will be harder to grind than large dark roasted.

Step 6: Unscrew The Catcher And Pour Out  Coffee Grounds

The grip pad can form a strong connection with the counter while grinding so it's easiest to rock the grinder to the side and lift instead of trying to lift vertically. Once you have the grinder in your hand turn the glass catcher counterclockwise to unscrew it. 

Note: If the grip pad has lost its tackiness you can restore it by washing with warm water.