Five & Hoek Coffee

114 N Main St, Wheaton, IL

Our Story
We all have our own unique story. Our passions, responsibilities, priorities, and interests are all shaped by our experiences. At Five & Hoek we believe that everyone has a unique story to tell. Our story is ongoing, multifaceted and ever-changing in whatever way life's journey takes us.
Our journey started in Assam, India in 2008 and here we are now just outside of Chicago still driven by the passions birthed almost 8,000 miles away. We spent time running around to different tea garden villages building community through tea & biscuits, riding around town in auto rickshaws (our little car logo) & ultimately falling in love with the laid back culture we experienced in these tea gardens. We had a simple desire. Bring this experience to you through the avenue of fresh roasted coffee.
Our desire is that you join us in this journey that started in 2008. We are excited that you are here and hope you enjoy our community & our coffee. To learn more about our coffee click the tab above to learn more about our passion & pursuit of seriously delicious coffee.
Our Coffee
Our passion is to provide an experience that highlights the entire process that goes into providing you a cup of coffee, starting with the coffee cherry that is handpicked by the wonderful farmers we get to work with, down to the barista who hand brews your coffee by the cup. We pursue this passion by doing three things consistently & frequently.

Identifying Our Coffee
Identifying high quality coffee is very important to us. We carefully select the highest quality coffee from different regions around the world. We select coffee that is rated in the top 1% of coffee globally. We do this by bringing in multiple samples at a time & green grading them before selecting which coffees you will enjoy most! We partner with importers & direct trade relationships with people who care most about quality coffee, caring best for the farmers involved in growing & processing the coffee, and assuring that the coffee is sourced ethically & responsibly.
Roasting Our Coffee
This step is crucial for you to experience a great cup of coffee. We roast multiple samples of coffee before serving you what we feel like best represents two things. Sweetness & balance. We obtain these by roasting multiple samples and cupping them multiple times on different days. This ensures consistency & quality day in and day out. We roast coffee in a way that best reflects the farmers intent for the beans. Once optimal flavor is achieved, we use a system to monitor our roasts so this can be achieved every single time. Now it's your turn. If you are brewing your own cup at home we recommend consuming our coffee within 2 weeks of the roast date listed on the bag to experience its optimal flavor of sweetness & balance.
Serving Our Coffee
We exist to build community and serve coffee that we are excited & passionate about. Through every coffee we serve, our hope is that you would enjoy it as much as we do. We have a coffeeshop because we want to share our joy of community & coffee with you that started in India almost 10 years ago. Our hope is that you would continue on this journey of coffee & community with us for many years to come.