Groundswell Coffee Roasters

Ravenswood * West Loop * Lincoln Square

About Us

Groundswell Coffee Roasters is a Chicago micro-roaster, that began in Ravenswood, offering visitors a comfortable variety of brewed coffee and espresso options.

The in-house roasts are happening in a vivid lime-green Diedrich IR 5 standing on the lively cafe floor furnished with custom recycled barn-wood tabletops and bench seating for a warm and inviting feel. A swirling black and white wall-size mural painted by Chicago artist Brittany Bindrim echoes the swirling of milk and coffee while adding a sense of motion to the 1,500-square-foot, 30-seat space.

To help him realize his vision for Groundswell, on the bar and on the Diedrich, owner Jason Foster recruited a team of fellow industry veterans. He describes Groundswell as follows:

Our primary specialty is roasting coffee in small batches to share with customers at our three retail stores, as well as wholesaling to select shops and restaurants in the Chicago area.Compared to other specialty shops, I believe we’re quite approachable to customers who are curious about fantastic coffee, but feel uneasy about trying a new style of coffee. I also think we’re in a couple of neighborhoods where you typically wouldn’t see shops who are so focused on the craft aspect of coffee which makes us a bit unique.