Bucktown, Chicago

About Ipsento

In 2006, Ipsento was founded with the idea in mind that all people are on a journey of self-discovery. The word “Ipsento” was invented by the companies founders. It is the combination of two latin roots: ipse = “self”, sentio = “to discover”. As the founder’s journey led them down a different road of discovery, the door was opened for Ipsento’s current ownership to take their global coffee travels, stories, theories, experiments and knock-knock jokes and introduce coffee drinkers to what they found to be a profoundly deeper experience of coffee. And, while life can be rich and full without incredible coffee in the picture, our research indicates that less than seven percent of people agree. We are terribly serious about offering only the most brilliant, sustainable coffees in the world — and far less concerned with our ego to cram all of our business standards and ethics into this fine paragraph.

Our Story

Jeremy and Rachel Smith opened Ipsento doors in 2006 with the goal of providing a relaxed environment and authentic community.

After struggling to really get things off the ground, the couple decided to start a family and eventually gave the shop to their church, Missio Dei. After a six month stint of brainstorming next steps, the church voted to give the shop to the current owners, Tim and Mandi Taylor, who had a small direct trade importing and roasting company by the name of Coffee Ambassadors. Tim had put a coffee roaster on wheels that he would cart out to farmers markets to roast and sell coffee on site alongside a full service mobile coffee bar. While the farmers markets were shut down for winter, Tim would toll roast, sharing space with other roasters around town.

Acquiring Ipsento gave Coffee Ambassadors a home of their own to roast coffee year round. Until 2012, the two businesses owned by the Taylor’s remained separate entities. Coffee Ambassadors was simply sharing space with Ipsento. As Ipsento’s brand and popularity began catching on around town as a quality roaster and cafe, Tim discovered that it made better sense to put all marketable effort into one brand rather than two. In 2012, Ipsento Coffee Roasters became that brand.