Passion House

2631 N Kedzie Ave., Chicago, IL

Passion House is a small batch coffee roaster and café. At Passion House, we strive to create balanced and complex coffees with our meticulous method of sourcing beans from farms around the world and roasting them by hand on a vintage 1957 German Probat cast-iron roaster.

Our goal is to produce nuanced, complex, and clean coffee while cultivating relationships with the farms. These relationships are rooted in understanding, knowledge, skill, service and mutual respect. We shoot for the stars when curating our menu, searching for the best coffees available at any given time, setting the expectations extremely high.  We specialize in strong relationships with the farms, traveling around the world to find the right beans from the right farms to get the right coffee.

How did the Passion Start?

Passion House is a small-batch specialty coffee roaster who began roasting in 2011 in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.  Started by lifelong coffee professional Joshua Millman, our coffee is a marriage of passion and dedication.

Our philosophy is simple; find coffee farmers, coffee importers and coffee enthusiasts that share the same passion for the art of coffee; and collectively create quality coffees. Over the years, we have developed a deep passion and enormous amount of respect for the art of coffee. The amount of care, attention, and hard work that goes into producing quality coffee; getting it from the ground to the cup; is something we are very passionate about and take serious. Michael Kearby [Kurtis] is our sourcer and roaster. In addition to overseeing the whole roasting works, he invests a lot of time building relationships with farms and importers all over the world. 

About our Coffee [or coPHee]

We source coffee from all over the world and each coffee has its own unique story to tell.  Therefore it is important that each coffee has it’s own unique roast profile which truly expresses the inherent quality.  Finding unique coffee takes our search all over the map to bring you a quality cup from truly special people. We have developed relationships with farmers and importers that dedicate their time to the intense care needed to grow, process, and source unique coffee with carefully developed flavor profiles.  We make it easy for you to enjoy some of the world’s greatest and rarest coffees brewed up in our cafe or in the privacy of your own home. 

We look forward to being a part of your coffee journey in discovering your favorite region, roast level, brew method, etc.  We have a variety of amazing coffees and, of course, suggest you try them all.  To make it easier to navigate our coffee menu, our coffees are in three different genres. 

AMBIENT GENRE: blends with a full robust flavor. We take our blending seriously, combining coffees with flavor profiles that compliment each other.

MAINSTREAM GENRE: single-origin coffee. We honor the origin and the producers’ hard work by roasting the coffee to get the best from each.

EXPERIMENTAL GENRE: micro lot Single-Origin coffee. Our Experimental Genre are coffees from small lots of experimental quality beans that may have been developed, processed, or grown in a unique way. These are often hard to acquire, so are available in limited volume. [Get them while you can!]