The Peugeot coffee mill – the search for intensity

As true connoisseurs know, as soon as coffee has been ground, its aromas quickly oxidise and escape, with there being no means of preserving them or to remedy this. It is perhaps here, in its fleeting and volatile nature, that the real charm of freshly ground coffee lies. Thus, to preserve all the intensity, personality and flavour of a good coffee, it should be ground with a manual coffee mill, using just the right amount, before preparing it for the extraction of its powerful and full-bodied aromas.
The Peugeot coffee mill – art for art’s sake
With an exclusive and unique collection, Peugeot is restoring all the charm and feeling of timeless coffee mills. Each mill is crafted from wood, and finished in a palette of classic colours from times past revisited for a more modern touch. While pleasant to handle, they feature a refined and elegant design. Figures in the interiors of yesteryear, with innovative functions and ingenious mechanism, they are also become statement pieces on kitchen coutners or dining-room furniture.


For more than 200 years, Peugeot has been imagining, designing and manufacturing the objects for daily life, aiming for ease of use and the truest expression of flavors. This constantly renewed engineering prowess has made the Peugeot brand the undisputed benchmark for mills. Peugeot continues to draw strength from its rich legacy to mastermind new kitchenware and allow fine dining enthusiasts to discover new applications and treat their taste buds to new pleasures and experiences.