Ffeine - Joyride


Our Joyride blend combines coffees from Rwanda & Papua New Guinea. A savory coffee that has the aroma of pound cake and the tart acidity of butterscotch candy. Enjoy taking it for a spon!

Roaster: Ffeine
Coffee: Joyride
Roast: Med
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Salted Caramel * Butterscotch * Allspice * Pound Cake
Origin Rwanda / Papua New Guinea Varietal Pacas, Heirloom, Arusha, Typica
Region Various Process Washed & Natural
Farm Various Small Farm Co-ops Altitude 1,585M - 1,830M

Recommended Brewing:

Pour-Over with mesh filter @ Ratio of 13g / 8oz H2O

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