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Passion House - Bassline Espresso Blend (5lbs)


Designed with the notion that the key to a quality tasting espresso shot is quality ingredients, Bassline Espresso is a blend of carefully selected pulped natural Brazil and an elegant washed coffee from Ethiopia. It can be enjoyed as a straight espresso shot and also work harmoniously with milk. Each component is roasted separately and then blended together. Bassline Espresso is anchored with its rich and creamy chocolate base notes and highlighted with a vibrant blast of citrus acidity up front and notes of stone fruits, dark chocolate and molasses balancing out the blend.

Roaster: Passion House Coffee Roasters
Coffee: PH Blend
 Roaster Tasting Notes:
Citrus * Almond * Dark Chocolate
 Origin Brazil & Ethiopia Varietal Blend
Region Blend Process Pulp Natural, Washed
Farm Blend Altitude 1100-1850M


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Available year-round, our Ambient coffees take you on a journey through multiple countries in a single cup. We meticulously design these offerings to fit a well-defined flavor profile. We take our blending seriously, seeing it as an opportunity to create something unique and amazing. Ambient coffee blends are from various origins and regions selected for their unique character not found in single origin coffees.



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